So You’re Getting A Spray Tan

Once you decide to take the plunge and try out spray tanning there are a few things to keep in mind. First, do you want to use a spray tan booth or a technician that applies the tan with a  handheld gun? When starting Baked I had the option of either one, the handheld option, while some tend to think may be awkward, provides the most precise results. For some people, the booth works great some even have levels of color. However, with the handheld option we are able to custom mix a color for every single client. Not everyone is going to look good with a Anne Hathaway Post-Les-Mis Pixie Cut so why would you tan everyone with the same color? 

After you’ve picked which option you’d like to go with research your local salons and read all of their reviews, read through the websites and if you are tanning for a special event GET A TRIAL SPRAY TAN! Baked offers event packages at a discounted rate to make sure we not only nail the exact shade of bronze you had in mind, but, getting a trial done also allows you to choose what DAY before an event you’d want to tan.  Some people love the tan the day after, others day 2 etc. so really utilize that trial run.

Lastly, don’t have unrealistic expectations.  If you are naturally pale, don’t ask for the darkest solution – tell the technician you’d like the darkest color that won’t make you look unnatural!  Going this route ensures you will LOVE your tan!

There are some basic rules to spray tanning, no matter where you go, or if you do a booth or a handheld salon follow these for optimal results!

Always shower, shave, and exfoliate 1 hour – 12 hours before your appointment.  Spray tanning tints the outermost layer of the skin, removing all dead skin allows tan to appear seamless, dry patches will tan differently.

Wear dark loose fitting clothes to the appointment and flip flops when possible.  Jeggings & leggings some time rub an inseam spray tan line to the legs.  Give your tan some breathing room after its applied 🙂

Every solution has a different set time, for these hours there is NO GETTING WET. No rain drops, no crying, no swimming ( yes, we have to remind people of that one )

Remember to always use anti-bac on your palms instead of washing your hands completely during this time frame. Otherwise you may end up with white hands, and tan forearms.

The first shower should be a lukewarm rinse, not too hot. Pat dry after that initial rinse, never rub. This keeps the tan longer.

Two most important products that will make or break your tan? Body wash & moisturizer.  The wrong body wash will strip your tan ( NEVER use bar soap, this is a spray tan eraser ) make sure you ask your tantress what they suggest you use.  You also want to avoid moisturizers with a strong scent, this means it is alcohol or oil heavy and will again strip the tan.

Hope this helps a bit HAPPY spray TANNING!!! Image


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